There is an immediate opening for a Generator Technician in Baltimore, MD.
• Candidate must be able to test generator sets under load test conditions as well as normal load bank testing.
• Must be able to troubleshoot electrical/electronic problems and make necessary repairs without supervision.
• Must be able to repair all type generators and make engine repairs with minimal supervision.
• Must be able to wire and troubleshoot all type generators using a schematic or diagram as a guide.
• Must have a valid driver’s license in their state of residence.
• Must maintain a neat and orderly appearance at the beginning of each workday. Must wear Employer supplied uniforms, safety glasses and steel toe shoes. When introducing yourself to a customer, the employee should present himself in a buttoned shirt over his Johnson & Towers blue tee shirt; the buttoned shirt may be removed when commencing work.
• Must be attentive to cleanliness in regard to the job site
• Must be able to operate all special testing equipment and maintain clear and concise service records, work orders, time cards and any other documentation that the employer deems necessary, in a complete and accurate manner.
• Must own and maintain tools, including all meters, necessary to perform all tasks covered.
• Must be able to follow directions when they are given.
• Employee must be able to follow directions when such directions are given.
• Must also meet the requirements for Preventative Maintenance Technician

To apply send your resume or letter of interest to the email address provided below or call Van at 856-912-9511 for more information