Refrigerated Trailer Compressors
- Reviva’s TRU compressors are truly the most cost effective way to bring your unit back to new condition. Reviva is a qualified re-manufacturer with over 60 years experience. We are pleased to announce our full line of both Thermo King ® and Carrier ® compressor models.

Carrier 05G41 Ultra, Thermo King X430

Part Number Description
70D4D026C T-K, X426, with small shaft
70D4D030A TK, X430LS, with large shaft (1 3/16")
70D4D030B T-K, X430LS, with large shaft and 7qt oil sump
70D4D030C TK, X430SS, with small shaft (1")
70D4D041A Carrier 05G41CFM, with ultra ange with unloaders
70D4D041B Carrier 05G41CFM, with ultra ange w/o unloaders
70D4D041D Carrier 05G41CFM, with full round ange, (Advantage, T-Bird) w/o unloaders
70D4D041C Carrier 05G41CFM, with full round ange, (Advantage, T-Bird) with unloaders
  • all units are completely disassembled
  • Components are inspected for excessive wear, nicks, rust, cracks,corrosion, deformity, or any other possible defect
  • Carrier: Cylinders are honed, rebored, and/or sleeved
  • Thermo King: Cylinders sleeves are inspected, honed and/or replaced with new
  • Each component is remanufactured to OE or better specs
  • 100% new valves, bearings, pistons, rings, gaskets, and seals
  • 100% Bench tested for vacuum side and pressure side